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1600 California Circle
Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: 408-946-2888
Vialta provides the best quality home entertainment and personal communication products. Our company was established in the year 1999. We are also providing the online facility for your convenience. We have achieved many successful awards for our innovative and latest technology conferencing products.

The vialta is a Beamer video phone with an included digital image border, two reminiscence tag slots and an interior memory. We offers the same video phone features as vialta plus it can send, take delivery of and save digital movies to its interior memory. Vista Frame is obtainable at Sharper picture image and the front catalog. An R&D segment with significant knowledge in software and hardware manufacturer, chip design and electrical manufacturing, a experienced sales and advertising team that has productively launch many products and product lines, as well as recognized new product category.

  • Vialta has produced a nice Beamer TV. With this Beamer TV, families can have the joys and profit of videophone calls by watching family and friends when they are talking to displayed on their television screen. Beamer TV is easy to set up and easy to use.

  • I like to watch friends on TV with this video phone. Beamer TV is ideal for all people. I got good opportunities in my work after using this Beamer TV phone. I am able to communicate with the clients in different parts of the world.

  • Vialta is my all time favorite telephone manufacturer company. This is an award winning Telephone Company I love this company very much. The products of this company has the latest technology and available at affordable rates.

  • I highly preferred Beamer Videophone system because this is very wonderful telephone. You can use this system is very friendly & simple. I am also using this system is very easily at present. I am also thankful for providing the best customer care services.

  • Beamer FX is a great product of this company. I have purchased this for my business purpose. This is the best video receiver and comes with great features like works with any home phone, no services fees, and no additional cost and has the best clear video image.

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    : Beamer Videophone & VistaFrame Digital Picture Frame
    : Microsoft-IIS/5.0

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